Tiffany & Scott

I am still buzzing from my DREAM WEDDING that Michelle planned and executed with perfection! People say that weddings are always super stressful and that things go wrong, but with Michelle looking at every detail, I had all the confidence and security I needed, and the day was everything I ever dreamed of and beyond. I was so zen throughout the entire process, thanks to Michelle and her team! Not only did everything look amazing, but Michelle has a heart made of gold and diamonds. 

Truly the sweetest human I've encountered. I am a buyer by trade so I'm constantly researching and ranking to make the best purchasing decision.
 I had an entire spreadsheet of vendor names and gave everyone grades based on their services, prices, personalities, etc. Michelle Sheppard Events was a no brainer compared to everyone else!
They are reliable, flexible, creative, super talented, easy to work with, kind, get the point.

Hire them for your next event!

Kelsey + Jon

Once we spoke with Michelle, I knew we were in good hands. I am a perfectionist, but I had no interest in worrying about the minute-by-minute details of my wedding, and Michelle took care of EVERYTHING.
She confirmed with all of our vendors, ran our rehearsal, worked with our venue to get all our details set up, helped family members, the list goes on... I am a worrier, and Michelle is the reason I was not worried at all (seriously, about anything) on my wedding day.

As a testament to how dedicated she is, during the ceremony I had a bee in the train of my dress and Michelle was literally on her hands and knees, getting the bee out of my train. I had no idea this was happening. She is committed, positive, and we could NOT have had the day we had without her help along the way!!!

Wendy + Alan

I can't say enough kind things about Michelle.

SHE IS THE BEST. I don't think she left one detail out and the day went off without a hitch. There were a lot of moving parts in my wedding as the venue I chose was pretty bare bones. So many things could have gone wrong, but it was all executed so perfectly. The day before the wedding all I had to do was pack up my car with the decor and Michelle and her team took care of the rest.They unloaded it all into the venue the day of the wedding and set up everything with her wonderful team. 

She helped my vision come to life and the result was so beautiful and I am so grateful! At the end of the night, she packed up EVERYTHING, did a sweep of the venue so that I didn't forget anything, and neatly put it all back in my car. I seriously didn't even have to worry about a thing. We even had a last minute change to the table seating arrangement the morning of the wedding, and this amazing girl emailed and texted me mock ups for my approval. 

Now I just want to get married again just to work with these fabulous girls again!

Erin + Paul

Michelle is AMAZING! During and after our wedding our friends and family could not stop raving about how great she was. She made the entire day seamless and anticipated our every want and need. She worked with all our vendors to get the necessary paperwork our venue required, making sure everyone knew where to be and what time, and handled all of the details and craziness that happen on the actual day of the wedding.

My husband and I did not worry about a thing. Michelle executed our vision perfectly. She set up the décor I provided, kept us on time for everything on the agenda, and was our go to girl throughout the whole day. She helped me with my veil every time it came loose or needed adjusting, assisted my maid of honor with bustling my train, and every time my husband and I turned around she had a fresh drink ready for us. After a while of dancing my feet started to hurt and I went to take off my heels and the next thing I know Michelle was right there assisting me take them off, put them away, and had my flats ready to put on. She was truly amazing and even my vendors emailed me after the wedding to tell me what a great planner she was and how pleasant she was to work with which is not always the case according to them. If you are looking for a planner, Michelle and her team are fabulous!